Most Greek Islands are considered ideal places for a unique, romantic and unforgettable wedding, but Patmos excels in that respect, thanks to the island’s natural beauties, its profound religious history, its spiritual aura and the cosmopolitan and chic atmosphere, which prompted French Vogue to describe it as a haven for the “gurus of taste” .

Indeed, your wedding on Patmos Island will stand apart from a typical ceremony in an urban center or a crowded, touristy resort.
To begin with, Patmos island has numerous excellent Churches, all conveniently located within a 5-15 minutes drive from Patmos Villa Sophia, so you can really choose the one ideally suited to your style and personalities. There are many accommodating and classic churches in Patmos Town (Chora) and in Skala (the port) but there are even more solitary and quaint chapels with bright Island colors. Your wedding ceremony can also go along with the customs of Patmos Island which include a picturesque procession with traditional live music through the cobbled lanes and beautiful architecture of the island.

Apart from the intense spirituality of a Patmos wedding ceremony, you are almost guaranteed to obtain delightful photographs and videos of your Wedding. The combination of Patmos’ hallowed light, its ageless architecture and its wonderful natural landscapes will facilitate your wedding photographer to create the memorable treasure from this most defining moment of your life.
Another extra advantage for choosing Patmos for your wedding is the fact that you can have access to local wedding services and products, so you need not have increased costs. Professional photographers, delicious catering, tasteful decorations and glamorous venues that will host your wedding reception are there for you to indulge in.

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