The Location


The location of Patmos Villa Sophia is uniquely advantageous because it is prevailing practically alone over a ten acre plateau in the most aristocratic area of the historical island, Epsimia Bay.
It literally offers a breathtaking 360 degrees panoramic view of all the spectacular surrounding seas and islands, as well as the thousand years old Monastery Castle of Saint John’s.


Style and Comfort


Decorated and furnished in genuine byzantine style, it aspires to immerse you in the original island life and traditions of Patmos, trying to preserve the distinctive architecture, textiles and furnishings of the island, a mixture of Byzantine and Ottoman.
The residence truly combines in a unique way the characteristic elegance, mystique and allure of Patmos.

Qualities to be relished abundantly in the traditional restored 16th-19th century sea-captains’ mansions built almost into the foundations of the embracing Patmos monastery in Chora, with the amazing view of the monastery itself.

Also, the modern amenities and comforts of those who need a beach-front villa, air conditioning, an ample sized swimming pool, and don’t want to have to drive to beaches.


In the Heart of Patmos


Featuring a private 50 square meters pool with sun terrace, the estate lies just 150 metres from Epsimia Beach and is located on the amphitheatrical center of the island providing easy access to all its major attractions.

The monumental sight of the Cave of the Apocalypse, the popular intellectual elite and celebrity settlement of Chora, the scenic town of Skala with its port, and the picturesque and quiet fishing village of Grikos, lie all within a 4 kilometers radius.

Even the slightest turn of the head from all the villa’s spaces, can offer its privileged tenants a truly fascinating marvel, the complete panorama of Patmos with all its picturesque hills and the surrounding seas and islands.



Dawn and Dolphins


On the east, you can behold the most magnificent sunrise view in all the island, so captivating that visitors or locals often wake up before dawn or simply stay up all night just to make it there in time to witness the amazing spectacle.

The sea and sky views shift eternally, creating, in the process, an incredible palette of colors, lights, sights, sounds, smells and vibes.

Dolphins can be often seen playing with the waves and seagulls defiantly rest on the swimming pool’s edge, bewitched by the astonishing scenery themselves.


Island Panorama


Moving on southwards, the eye discerns the imposing island chain of Lipsi, Arki, Leros, Kalymnos, and even Kos on a clear day, with the towering Asia Minor mountain range in the background.

The masterpiece is complete with charming olive groves and vineyards stretching across the 200 acre hillside peninsula and overlooking two completely juxtaposed, exquisite pebble beaches.

To the west, you can discern the outskirts of the graphic fishing town of Grikos and, right next to it, the monumental vision of St. John’s Monastery.

Crowning a location ideally positioned amid the island’s pretty sandy beaches and wonderful whitewashed Chora, a medieval settlement clustered under the monastery, with its cobbled lanes and beautiful architecture.

On the north, you can witness the scenic port os Skala immersed amid two different seas, comprising the slim waistline of Patmos’ alluring elliptical shape. Right after it, a harmonious string of cute little bays and beaches, like an adorning pearl necklace, conclude the elegant isle figure.


PANORAMA CENTRALDusk in patmos flickr

Heavenly Jerusalem


The villa’s residents can enjoy all day and night the breathtaking view of the majestic and awe-inspiring byzantine Patmos monastery which dominates the whole island and the tone of its life.
Especially during sunset, the evening light paints the white roofs of Chora with an unearthly umber, mauve, copper and golden glow, with the islands around a lustrous bronze.

At night, the splendidly lit castle brings immediately to mind the exalted perception of Heavenly Jerusalem that the prophet beheld in his apocalyptic vision.


Pathway to Heaven


Within walking or short driving distance from the villa, lies an old cobbled pathway leading from the port of Skala up to the Monastery of St John which crowns the Chora.

The breathtaking views across to the surrounding seas and neighbouring islands reperesent your invaluable bonus for the hike.

Once up there, in Chora, you can enjoy a romantic promenade through a labyrinth of narrow, seemingly identical streets, dazzlingly white, built in this way to impede any invader.

Doorways lead into spacious archontika (traditional mansions) and their stone-carved door-lintels are usually crowned with a Byzantine cross.

During this virtual tour into medieval times, you will mix with the chic crowd who usually stroll around in spotless, homespun vintage white linen, ethnic kaftans and jeweled sandals and like to meet for invigorating swims and delicious specialties on the beaches’ tavernas and later cool off in the evenings, lounging with a cocktail drink on their terrace.


Haven for the Elect



Thanks to this indulging location of Villa Sophia, the genuine elite who value spirituality, history, culture, style, beauty and elegance can relish a new haven of chic with modern comfort.
The location is ideal for hosting the exclusive but low-key international guests who value wondrous natural scenery, authentic luxury and absolute privacy more than the elaborate hotel life.
It remains secluded but also within a short driving or even walking distance from adequate trendy bars, charming boutiques and superb restaurants to satisfy chic clients in Chora, Grikos and Skala.

In short, the location of Villa Sophia is truly exclusive, an incredible spectacle of such radiant beauty that can bring tears into your eyes, as a guests themselves comment.
It seems almost as if it was created electively by a Divine Power.
But then, so was Patmos…