The Patmos Island


As most travel experts, tourists and more permanent inhabitants agree, it is hardly surprising that Patmos island made it on to Forbes’ the list of most idyllic places to live.
With just about 13 square miles of island surrounded by the Aegean Sea, beautiful unspoilt beaches, great summer sunshine, luxury mansions like Patmos Villa Sophia and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere it is expected to appeal to many.


Why is Patmos special


A sculpture in rock

Even from stepping onto the island from the Ferry boat, you can feel that you have landed somewhere very special.
As the island has been declared a holy site, and the town surrounding the monastery is a Unseco heritage site, lying right opposite the Patmos Villa Sophia plateau, there has never been any over-development.
Also, the fact that getting to Patmos is not as simple as just landing on the next charter flight ( the nearest tourist airports are on Samos and Kos islands) for many travelers, is definitely for the better, since the island retains the air of an unspoiled retreat.


Divine Blessing


It was here, a mere five minutes drive from Patmos Villa Sophia, on the hillside enshrining the Cave and Monastery of the Apocalypse, where St. John received the Revelation in AD 95, the tremendous eschatological vision of God Himself, foretelling the mysterious future of His Church and Mankind.

So, in addition to the Bible having proven the world’s best selling book and most its readers being deeply impressed by the Book of Revelation, everyone can enjoy the blessing of it having been written on Patmos, a place so beautiful and peaceful, that also inspired us to build Patmos Villa Sophia for you to savour.




Most gorgeous island home


Patmos island is popular not only among the faithful making pilgrimages to the monastery but also with vacationing Athenians and a newly growing community of international trendsetters—designers, artists, poets, and “taste gurus” (according to the french edition of Vogue)—who have bought homes in Chora, right across Patmos Villa Sophia.

These masters of style set about creating what eventually became hailed as one of the most gorgeous island homes in the world, with celebrities and royals helicoptering in for the tranquility and beauty of the holy isle.

The word soon spread thanks to many famous guests and celebrities but, happily, administrators have carefully contained development, and as a result, Patmos retains its charm and natural beauty—even in the busy month of August.


The fashionable crowd


Part of the secret behind Patmos’ popularity is the wide range of talented people who bought homes there or simply keep coming back, year after year.

According to international press and luxury tourism connoisseurs, these include the Alexandrian interior designer John Stefanidis and the English artist Teddy Millington-Drake who attracted back in the 60s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Also, the late Prince Sadruddin Agha Khan, who was instantly enchanted by the island, built a house in Chora and even established a fund for the donkeys that transport everything up the hillsides, such as the one where Patmos Villa Sophia is located.

In later years and until today, the influx of numerous other cultural, style and show business public figures steadily rose, with greek and international royalty and aristocracy.

Holywood movie actors such as Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, rock music stars such as David Bowie, fashion designers such as Giorgio Armani, Valentino, Jean Paul Gaultier and many others are frequently mentioned.


The bliss of living in Patmos


Seagull flying over


In spite of all its international fame, the essence of Patmos Villa Sophia still remains in the simple truth that living on the small island is pure bliss.
As it is suitably described, the laid back pace really draws you in , while the air inspires to take full advantage of the season at hand, the waters revive you and the sun seems to shine with magnified rays making you feel unique and alive.


Spirituality and scenic wonders


No words can express the earth spirit present on this island, it’s a geophysical phenomenon that everyone must feel or see for himself.
The monastery really overwhelms you as it is visible from almost all the places on this scenic little island, and especially Patmos Villa Sophia, and driving or riding around is really uncomplicated, you won’t find a single traffic light on the roads that swerve and turn unfolding a new spectacular view at every curve.


Falling in love


Perhaps, the ultimate way to relate all this, is to resort to the historical phrase of Hosios Christodoulos, the man who built himself more than a thousand years ago Patmos’ Holy Monastery: «Therein shall I dwell, for Her I have fallen in love with » And, of course, invite you to cherish this experience yourself! Welcome to Patmos!